Generators and Motors

Designing superior generator technology for leading industrialists and turnkey solutions for independent power requirements. Access world class generator expertise and product design for your next power project.

BRUSH has been providing consultative generator expertise for over a century.  Our depth of knowledge allows us to provide optimised product selections for standard applications, and customised solutions to meet the demands of extreme climatic conditions, hazardous atmospheres and regulated urban locations.

The generator range comprises four primary offerings:

  • 2-Pole air cooled generators
  • Mobile & trailer mounted generators
  • 4-Pole generators
  • 2-Pole combined cooled generators

In the power industry experience counts. With an installed base of over 3,600 units in 118 countries, BRUSH generators are powering sectors with the most technically demanding and hazardous operating environments on the planet.


Generator Output Range


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Air Cooled Generator

Air Cooled Generators

Continuing innovation, allied to over 130 years of consultative generator expertise, offers customers bespoke turnkey products with comprehensive lifecycle support we offer a range of 2 & 4 pole generators.


Combined Cooled Generators

Combined Cooled Generators

BRUSH offers a range of hydrogen and combined cooled generators specifically designed to suit customer requirements.

These generators have a higher efficiency than air cooled units and produce a high power density in a smaller footprint due to the higher performance of the cooling medium.

Comprehensive lifecycle support is provided as with all BRUSH generators.



BRUSH has many years valuable experience with the design and manufacture of submersible motors used in the dredging industry dating back to the mid 1970’s.

Our main products are:

  • Synchronous AC motors
  • Subsea motors
  • Traction motors (including Low speed motors up to 6.5MW)
Synchronous Condensers

Synchronous Condensers

With the recent changes in power generation away from conventional generation methods, the requirement for a stable grid is more important now than ever. BRUSH has a dedicated range of synchronous condenser units based on our proven generator designs.


They are a cost effective, highly reliable solution providing additional rotating inertia, and the ability to provide or absorb reactive power.

Generator Terminal Cubicles

Generator Terminal Cubicles

A wealth of experience within the power generation industry ensures that BRUSH can provide an engineered solution to meet your termination requirements for both new build and retrofit generators.


BRUSH can supply generator terminal cubicles for newly supplied Brush generators or for replacements on current generators.