2 Pole Air Cooled Generators


BRUSH has been providing consultative generator expertise for over a century.  Our depth of knowledge allows us to provide optimised product selections for standard applications and customised solutions to meet the most demanding environments and operation conditions in the world.

The 2-Pole DAX generator range driven by steam or gas turbine outputs from 10 MVA - 350 MVA. With over 3,500 active installations, the time-proven DAX range built in European ISO accredited sites are specified by leading industrialists, EPCs and facility operators.

BRUSH generators are compatible with a broad range of prime mover drivers including aeroderivative gas turbines, heavy frame gas turbines, steam turbines, turboexpanders, and hydro turbines. BRUSH's engineering team are recognised experts in providing optimised generator selections to meet customers' unique operating conditions.


2 Pole Air Cooled Generators Datasheet

2 Pole datasheet

Voltage Up to 20 kV
Excitation Brushless or static
Insulation F Class
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Output 10 to 350 MVA
Drive Single or Double End Drive
Driver Aeroderivative Gas Turbine/ Heavy Frame Gas Turbine/ Steam Turbine
Design Standards IEC & IEEE Compliant
  • Low temperature operation
  • Low noise
  • Lightweight
  • Hazardous area operation
  • Multiple heat exchanger options
  • Double end drive
  • High inertia
  • Low inertia
  • API 546 compliant
  • Harsh environment
  • Capable of synchronous compensator operation

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