4 Pole Air Cooled Generators

The 4-Pole DG generator range is designed to be driven by gas or steam turbines with outputs from 10 to 65 MVA.

Globally, 750 units operate in public utility, co-generation, CHP, industrial and offshore applications. The range is built on 130 years of consultative generator expertise offering customers bespoke turnkey products with comprehensive Service support.

The design of these units is based on  modular construction method that can be easily adapted to meet any turbine design. Units are factory tested, to reduce on-site testing and commissioning time.

The continued success in both gas turbine and steam turbine power generation can be attributed to BRUSH’s ability to meet the demanding interface requirements of turbine manufacturers, coupled with competitive prices and keen deliveries.

4 Pole Air Cooled Generators Datasheet

2 Pole datasheet

Voltage Up to 15 kV
Excitation Brushless or static
Insulation F Class
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Output 10 to 65 MVA
Drive Single or Double End Drive
Driver Aeroderivative Gas Turbine/ Heavy Frame Gas Turbine/ Steam Turbine
Design Standards IEC & IEEE Compliant
Certification Hazardous area execution Exn or Exp, marine approvals, ATEX, IECEX, UL or CSA certification
  • Low temperature operation
  • Low noise
  • Lightweight
  • Hazardous area operation
  • Multiple heat exchanger options
  • Double end drive
  • High inertia
  • API 546 compliant 
  • Harsh environment operation
  • Capable of synchronous compensator operation

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