Line & Neutral Cubicles



A wealth of experience within the power generation industry ensures BRUSH can provide an engineered solution to meet your termination requirements for both new build and retrofit generators.

BRUSH generators are optionally provided with a line side cubicle, freeing up space in the switchgear package. The star point and neutral earthing (grounding) equipment can be accommodated in a neutral cubicle. In addition to cubicles for new generators, BRUSH is able to provide terminal cubicles for existing generators, both for those manufactured by BRUSH and for those manufactured by others.

  • Line Side Cubicles (LSC)
  • Neutral Side Cubicles (NSC)
  • Neutral Grounding Options
  • Generator stator / enclosure mounted or free-standing.
  • Factory fitted prior to removal for shipment, reducing onsite time.
  • Engineered solution to ensure complete compatibility with power system.
  • Connections using multiple cables, cable bus, segregated phase bus bars or isolated phase bus bars.
  • Steel or aluminium construction, depending on rating.
  • Fully compliant with the provisions of the relevant international and industry standard specifications, including IEC, IEEE, CSA, ATEX, ABS, DNV and Lloyds.
  • Current range up to 10,000 A.
  • Voltage range up to 20 kV.
  • Up to four current transformers per phase for metering and protection.
  • Up to two voltage transformers per phase for metering and protection.
  • Surge arrestors and capacitors.
  • Star point connection in cubicle.
  • Neutral earthing through a single phase transformer with a secondary loading resistor.

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