BRUSH has extensive experience in the design, service and repair of a broad range of motors.  Regardless of the original equipment manufacturer BRUSH can provide a complete range of engineering services to support the customer’s needs.

  • Synchronous AC motors
  • Subsea motors
  • Traction motors  (including Low speed motors up to 6.5MW)



Synchronous AC motors

Based on the extremely successful and reliable DAX generator range, the BRUSH MAX motor range can be fully customised to meet customer specifications. As with our range of DAX generators, the typical operating benefits of the MAX motors are:

  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability
  • More than 30 years expected operating life


Repair and upgrade projects are divided into two phases.

Phase 1 - Includes a full inspection and detailed inspection report. The motor, during this phase, is dismantled, checked and cleaned. Ex motors, upon arrival, are tested.

Phase 2 - The machine is overhauled. Various parts of the machine are replaced and after equalising of the nominal rotor speed, the motor is remounted. An extensive test is conducted on the motor before it is shipped including:

  • Measurement of vibrations according to IEC 60034-14
  • Measurement of the temperature of the bearings
  • Electrical measurement of resistance values and Polarization Index (PI) values
  • High voltage test according to IEC 60034-1 standards (required for ex-machines)


Subsea Motors

BRUSH is a leader in its field, with almost 40 years’ experience in the design and development of underwater motors and in the dredging industry.

The BRUSH underwater AC motors are designed to completely satisfy the requirements of our customers. Special attention is given to the development of a strong, robust motor with the following qualities:

  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability
  • More than 30 years expected operating life
  • Adjustable speed, power and torque by means of a frequency converter



  • BRUSH underwater motors are filled with oil so that the bearings do not need to be re-greased. The lubricated motor prevents condensation from entering the motor
  • The motors are delivered with bearings that withstand applied pump pressure and designed to function for at least 30,000 operating hours
  • Cooling of the motor is possible naturally or by means of forced cooling from the surrounding seawater


The following instruments are available:

  • Stator temperature measurement
  • Bearing temperature measurement
  • Oil temperature measurement
  • Tachometer (redundant)
  • Differential pressure gauge seawater/oil

Other available options:

  • Interchangeable shaft
  • Factory load test
  • Water leakage detection in connecting bushings


Traction Motors

BRUSH has several years’ experience and extensive knowledge in the manufacturing and overhaul of motors for trains, metros and buses.

BRUSH is committed to the maintenance and repair of all traction motors regardless of brand.

Our specialised software and well-trained staff ensure the best traction motor possible for your technical specifications. Our experience and proven quality have made BRUSH a trusted supplier of new motors for various public transport companies.

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