How Synchronous Condensers are an integral part of the Energy Transition

BRUSH Industry Trends presentation at 2022 STGUG conference

The global race to Net Zero requires a radical overhaul of energy systems worldwide. National grids were designed on the back of large, centralised power generation facilities with mainly unidirectional flow of supply. The network change associated with Governments targeting Net Zero by 2050 is leading to many more of these traditional power plants being decommissioned (in the UK coal fired power stations cannot operate after 2024). This naturally leads to an increased integration of renewable generation and a change to load profiles leading to long term structural changes that challenges grid stability and the overall security of supply.

In order for national grids to maintain the frequency, fault ride through, reactive power and short circuit capacity, equipment needs to be connected to the grid to reinstate inertia, reactive capacity and maintain voltage levels within statutory operational boundaries. Synchronous Condensers are an important enabler of this third energy transition.

Join Roy Beardshaw, BRUSH Application Engineering Lead at this year’s STGUG conference Steam Turbine and Generator User Group 2022 | Manchester | CON7389 ( to learn how Synchronous Condensers are being used to restore grid strength, what benefits they bring, the flexibility of the product to address multiple grid issues, what aspects operators need to consider for grid compensation and the typical scope of supply. Additionally, the presentation will discuss the alternative (and sometimes complimentary) technology that is available.

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