Generators & Motor

Mobile & Trailer Mounted Generators

BRUSH has an outstanding history of producing low weight, minimal footprint trailer mounted generators. These generators are truly mobile and are operated across some of the harshest environments and most remote parts of the globe.


The BRUSH mobile & trailer generator range offers units with a world-leading power-to-weight ratio of over 1MVA per 1,000kg, operating in harsh conditions around the globe.

With over 500 trailer generators delivered, the time-proven DAX range, built in a European ISO accredited facility, is specified by leading industrialists, EPCs and facility operators.

Typically driven by aero-derivative gas turbines, the output from these trailer mounted units has increased through continual product development and innovation from 25MVA to 64MVA.

BRUSH’s engineering team are recognised experts in providing optimised generator selections to meet customers’ unique operating conditions.

We have supplied the highest number of trailer mounted units within this sector, coupled to a variety of turbines, and packaged in many configurations. Our experience is unparalleled. 

Key benefits

Custom Engineered Solutions
Quick Installation Times
Proven Design
Minimum 25 Years Design Life
Application Focus

Trailer-Mounted Generators

Since the first generator for a trailer set application was delivered in 1995, BRUSH has been at the forefront of an exciting product development program, culminating in solutions that provide high power outputs from as small a package as possible. We supply bespoke generators for mobile generation applications driven by a wide range of turbines which can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Technical Specifications

VoltageUp to 15 kV
ExcitationBrushless or static
InsulationClass F
Frequency50 or 60 Hz
Output30 to 64 MVA
DriverAero-derivative Gas Turbine
Design StandardsIEC, IEEE and CSA compliant

Key Features

The design is optimised for bridge load restrictions and ease of transportation
High Performance
Maximised power outputs from a small package, with high efficiencies
Highly reliable in the harshest of operational conditions under all operating regimes
Low Noise
Our tailored solutions means we build machines with noise levels below 80dB(A)
Our unparalleled experience means we can deliver designs to suit any package

Strategic Parts Management

To protect against loss of revenue through unscheduled outages and ensure the reliable operation of capital equipment, we recommend a combination of OEM certified Operational Spares, Maintenance Spares, Strategic Spares and Commissioning Spares based on site configuration and site specific operational conditions.


Speak to Our Team

BRUSH has a global reputation for service excellence and dedicated customer support. Whether it’s the provision of parts or the delivery of service support in the field, at the customer’s premises or at our network of Service Workshops.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge expanding over more than 145 years, the capabilities of BRUSH are endless and service unrivalled, with engineers stationed worldwide and spare parts ready 24/7/365, it is a truly global organisation.