Generator services

Factory Repair

With a combination of trained engineers, technical equipment and project managers on hand, repairs and overhauls can be carried out quickly and professionally.


It may not always be possible to carry out repairs on site, owing to space constraints or unsuitable environments. If this is the case, we would transport the equipment to the factory facilities at one of our manufacturing bases.

Our factory-based facilities in the UK, USA and Czech Republic include:

  • Workshops with cleaning facilities and vacuum drying ovens
  • Modern machining and fabrication facilities
  • Coil manufacturing and vacuum pressure impregnation facilities
  • Assembly workshops including large capacity cranage
  • High voltage test facility 3D measuring facilities
  • Decontaminating processes required for handling hazardous materials including asbestos based insulation found in older products

Key benefits

Reduced Equipment Downtime
Safeguard Against Outages


Typical generator factory repair services include:

  • Stator core replacement
  • Stator rewind
  • Bearing refurbishment
  • Rotor overhaul and end winding refurbishment
  • Rotor-end cap/retaining rings
  • Rotor rewind
  • Rotor high speed balancing including over speed
  • High voltage testing