Inspections & Maintenance

Inspection, Maintenance & Servicing

To keep your power generation assets working reliably and efficiently, we recommend site specific maintenance plans and inspections at 8K, 25K, 50K, and 100K equivalent operating hours (EOH).


Our global field service engineers are trained to the highest standards and support generators in even the harshest environments covering both offshore and onshore applications. Our team takes a consultative approach to service through a process of periodic inspections, engineering reports, recommendations for maintenance and equipment upgrades.

We provide findings and recommendations to our customers so they can make informed decisions concerning the management of the life-cycle costs of their power generation assets. Operators of generators with high cycle frequency regimes, such as to support intermediate loads, and peak shaving, should consult with BRUSH to evaluate appropriate service intervals for their generators.

Key benefits

Reduced Equipment Downtime
Safeguard Against Outages

Service Expertise

BRUSH Service is fully equipped to provide operators across the globe with a comprehensive support package that can be adapted to suit specific site conditions and individual operator’s needs.

Service IntervalDetail
8,000 hrs or 1 year *Typically includes basic checking of protection and monitoring devices.
25,000 hrs or 3 years *Typically includes additional checking of exciter, rectifier and cooling systems.
50,000 hrs or 6 years *Also completed with the rotor in-situ, this typically includes the minor inspections and additional checks of the bearing and stator end winding.
75,000 hrs or 9 years *Similar to 25,000 hours inspection.
100,000 hrs or 12 years *This is the most comprehensive generator inspection and includes the removal and inspection of the rotor.

Rotor endcaps (endrings) may be removed and we may complete a boroscope inspection, depending on your equipment. With the rotor removed, a thorough stator core inspection can be completed to check stator coil, wedge and insulation condition.
* Frequency of inspection may be adjusted to suit the customer’s maintenance schedule and the number of starts.


Don’t take your generator for granted!

Many end-users focus primarily on the driver for service and maintenance schedules and ignore the generator’s service needs.

As a result, mission critical equipment can operate well beyond standard service intervals thus risking unscheduled outages and costly losses.

Jon Neal, Head of Global Field Service at BRUSH Power Generation, urges operators to engage with his team to develop site specific plans that maximise equipment uptime and prevent unscheduled outages.