Generator services


Committed to maximise the operational life of your equipment. BRUSH solutions are carefully engineered and planned to minimise downtime and the risk of power outages.


BRUSH products are manufactured to deliver high performance, year after year.

One important part of the success of our services support lies with our ability to upgrade and modify equipment to keep your plant functioning well and at peak performance levels.

Key benefits

Reduced Equipment Downtime
Safeguard Against Outages

Product Upgrades

Replacing major assemblies, such as stators and rotors, in both BRUSH and third party products can improve the operation of your plant and extend the life of your equipment. We offer engineered solutions for the following upgrade packages: 

  • MW output 
  • Equipment cooling system 
  • Machine excitation system 
  • Retrofit rotor earth fault monitor 
  • Generator auxiliary equipment
  • Analogue to digital excitation controller
  • Power management system  

Plant Upgrades 

Because of our extensive knowledge of your existing equipment and design, we can tailor fully engineered solutions which are electrically and mechanically compatible with the existing units and power system.


If the demands of your business change and you need your equipment to respond, we can carry out modifications to your existing BRUSH equipment, such as power management systems and exciter systems, which bring it up to date and enable you to optimize operations.

Re-Engineering & Reverse Engineering

Our expert BRUSH engineers don’t just specialize in our own products. They have comprehensive technical skills and are able to carry out extensive work on equipment produced by third party manufacturers, such as reverse engineering, re-engineering and servicing. 

Their extensive engineering capabilities include: 

  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Electrical/electromagnetic engineering 
  • Thermal engineering 
  • Insulation engineering 
  • Control and protection