Spark-proof generator operating off-shore, Brazil

Spark-proof generator operating off-shore, Brazil

BRUSH were chosen to supply innovative, Non-Sparking Generators for use on an FPSO off the coast of Brazil. Once complete, the FPSO will be the largest operating FPSO with a daily capacity of 220,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

This project was the perfect fit for BRUSH’s 13.8kV 2-pole generator, the world’s first high voltage Non-Sparking Generator for use in hazardous areas, which allows the gas turbines to run directly without a gearbox, saving weight and space with easier maintenance, also saving time and running costs during the operating life of the generator.

Significantly faster start-up times are achieved as our innovation removes the time needed to purge and pressurise, eliminating a minimum of 30 minutes from equipment start-up time.

This innovation leads to a step change in the operational flexibility and cost for power generation units in hazardous environments setting new industry standards. The proven design can be used for lower voltage applications and is not restricted to 13.8kV systems.

BRUSH were chosen for unrivalled expertise and experience in this field, providing reliable and highly efficient generator solutions with competitive lead-times.