GVR Recloser

GVR Recloser

BRUSH Switchgear’s world renowned GVR Recloser was the first in a range of equipment utilising one of the most advanced operating mechanisms available on the market, featuring the award-winning magnetic actuator technology.

The GVR provides 'intelligent control' and protection on power distribution networks, whilst offering a lifetime of trouble-free service.

The GVR automatic recloser is now available as a tank only option for those customers who wish to connect their own protection and control cubicles.

Alternatively, customers looking for a ground-mounted solution can select our epoxy separable bushings for cable connected networks.


GVR Datasheet

2 Pole datasheet

  • Superior, proven technology with minimal maintenance
  • BRUSH Switchgear’s, single coil magnetic actuator mechanism allows the GVR to operate independently of the MV supply
  • Environmentally friendly vacuum interruption produces no by-products
  • The lightweight corrosion resistant aluminium tank makes the GVR easier to transport and install
  • The EPDM or silicone bushings are tested for tracking and erosion to IEC 61109 and are resistant to damage from vandalism or mishandling
  • Endurance tested to 10,000 operations
  • Pole mounted or substation mounted, the GVR can be integrated into the most advanced distribution automation schemes, or can operate as a stand-alone recloser
  • By using the advanced control and protection functions of the Beckwith M-7679, the GVR can also be used in applications where reclosers have not traditionally been used such as closed rings and underfrequency load shedding schemes
  • The 3-in-1 Recloser – the GVR can be configured to function as a Switch, Sectionaliser or Recloser by using one of the specially pre-engineered protection and control cubicles
    GVR 15 GVR 27 GVR 38
Maximum System Voltage kVrms 15.5 27 38
Continuous Current A 630 630 630
Interrupting Current kA 12.5/16 12.5 10
Impulse Voltage Withstand kV peak 110 125/150 150/170
Power Frequency Withstand Dry kVrms for 60s 50 60 70
Power Frequency Withstand Wet kVrms for 60s 50 50 60
Rated Gas Pressure for above Atmospheric Atmospheric/0.3 bar Atmospheric/0.3 bar 0.3 bar
Number of Operations with no Maintenance 10,000 10,000 10,000
Weight kg 145 145/155 155


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