Transformer Service

BRUSH is the trusted name behind an unrivalled range of transformers providing high-performance power delivery.


We know the vital role transformers play in businesses and provide a host of Transformer Services – through our dedicated service division – to help maintain optimum efficiency of your system and prevent costly repairs and disruption.

This support is provided not only to BRUSH transformers, but those of other manufacturers including South Wales Transformers (SWT) and Hawker Siddeley Power Transformers (HSPT). 

What are BRUSH’s Transformer Services?

Over more than 125 years, we have built a proud reputation for creating world-renowned transformers, ensuring we consistently produce exceptional results. That’s why businesses continue to trust and rely on us.

All the expertise gathered over the years is now in the hands of our engineers, who deliver a range of Transformer Services all under one roof, from Installation and Commissioning and Servicing and Repairs to Lifecycle Management and Tapchanger Services.


Transformer Services Brochure

2 Pole datasheet

Transformer Servicing & Repair

  • Repairs and refurbishments (on site or in our factory)
  • Spare parts
  • Training & supervision
  • Testing (on site or in our factory)
  • Transformer uprating
  • Cooler replacements
  • Modifications
  • 24/7 support

Lifecycle Management

  • Testing Services (SFRA, DFRA, Capacitance & Dissipation Factor, Winding Resistance, Polarisation Index, DGA etc)
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Oil analysis
  • Health checks
  • Condition monitoring

Installation & Commissioning

  • Turnkey transformer installation & commissioning
  • Fully certified, vastly experienced staff
  • Unrivalled experience
  • Abnormal site specialists
  • Relocation service

Tapchanger Services

  • Extensive support of legacy Tapchangers from Brush, Fuller, Hawker Siddeley & ATL
  • Retrofits (own product and others)
  • Service kits
  • Spare parts
  • Refurbishment
  • Servicing
  • 24/7 support