What are 2 pole generators?

A 2 Pole generator


2 pole generators turn mechanical energy from turbines into alternating current electrical energy used by utilities and industries. 2-pole generators have a rotor that works like an electromagnet, with one north and one south pole. This generates a voltage sine wave when rotated inside a coil, which is located in a stator. Stators are comprised of thousands of punched electrical steel stampings, with the stator coils slotted into the stampings. The stator coil is then connected to the generator terminals.

Primarily used in concert with gas and steam turbines that must spin very quickly to maintain their momentum, 2 pole generators run at 3,000 rpm at 50Hz frequencies and 3,600 rpm at 60Hz.

Applications of 2 pole generators

Highly adaptable and reliable, 2 pole generators are used by a wide range of operators. The largest generators are used by utilities to produce power for national electricity grids via concentrated solar, gas, oil or coal. Industrial and manufacturing businesses requiring high-voltage, on-site power, such as oil rigs, reprocessing plants and paper mills, use smaller 2 pole generators.

BRUSH’s range of 2 pole generators

BRUSH produce a wide range of DAX 2 pole generators suitable for all manner of users, with each being customised to customers’ requirements, whatever the operating environment:

  • Five different sizes of frame and various rotor core lengths
  • Outputs from 10 MVA to 350 MVA
  • Up to 20 kV
  • Brushless or static excitation
  • Single or double-ended drives
  • Compatible with aeroderivative gas turbine, heavy frame gas turbine, turboexpanders, hydro turbine and steam turbine drivers
  • IEC and IEEE design standard-compliant.

BRUSH 2 pole generators are highly efficient to reduce fuel costs and increase power outputs, and have smart, modular designs, allowing for quicker, easier installation and shorter lead times, allowing power to be up and running quicker.

Each can be designed with low-noise features for increased worker safety and can be installed at any location or site, including in extreme offshore, corrosive, cold, hot and high-humidity environments. During operation, high overload capacities, high inertia and additional short circuit power capabilities provide load support during periods of fault and high demand. Lastly, the Service 24™ customer support service makes sure that operators can quickly get assistance to tackle maintenance issues.

For more information on BRUSH’s wide range of 2 pole generators and how they generate electricity reliably and efficiently, contact the team today.