Continuing to power the underground

London underground - powered by BRUSH switchgear

The London Underground is the oldest and one of the busiest underground railway networks in the world. With over 250 miles of track it is also one of the longest metro systems in the world. Today, it is a major business handling over 3 million passenger journeys a day, some 500 trains at peak time, serving 270 stations, employing over 12,000 staff and owning vast engineering assets.

Reliability of power is a must.

The Solution

Hawker Siddeley Switchgear (now BRUSH Switchgear) has a long history of supplying DC Traction Switchgear to the Underground with our earlier generation of MM74.

Since we introduced the NDC Lightning switchgear to the DC traction market in 2004,our success has continued with London Underground projects including upgrading the Victoria Line and Earls Court line. In fact, when the Metropolitan Line has been completed, in total up to 1,000 Lightning panels would have been installed on the Underground. An acomplishment to be proud of - we really do power the Underground. Complete Customer Satisfaction Hawker Siddeley Switchgear (now BRUSH Switchgear) are proud of their on-going partnership with the London Underground network and look forward to building on this successful partnership well into the future with their Lightning DC product.


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