Virtual Factory Acceptance Testing, V-FAT

Supporting critical electrical energy management solutions worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns in many countries posed a significant challenge for BRUSH Group’s global customers.

To help maintain critical delivery schedules, we worked alongside our customers to develop and deploy a new, remote witness testing routine, using video conferencing and live camera streams instead of on-site attendance.

Ensuring that our products could undergo witnessed tests to maintain delivery schedules despite factory visits being impossible the teams in our Czech generator manufacturing and UK switchgear plant designed and implemented tailor made remote test witnessing programs.

By live streaming of the main parameters and responding to customer requests via live chat all parties are kept informed at all times.

Customer feedback regarding the virtual testing routine has been very positive and based on associated customer benefits in saved time and travel expenses, BRUSH is now offering customers remote witness testing programs as an alternative to the traditional on-site process.

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