BRUSH acquires European transformer windings specialist Co.Bo.T

In line with our ambitious growth strategy, we are pleased to confirm an exciting new addition to the BRUSH portfolio – renowned European transformer windings specialist Co.Bo.T srl.

Allowing us to secure a vital link in our supply chain and create extra production capacity to support the expansion of the UK electricity grid for years to come, the acquisition of Co.Bo.T also has the potential to optimise lead-times for BRUSH customers who are keen to connect to the grid.

Based near Vicenza in Northern Italy, Co.Bo.T supplies major transformer manufacturers across Western Europe – including BRUSH – and has built a strong reputation as a winding specialist in the 33kV-132kV bracket. 

Nicolas Pitrat, CEO of BRUSH Group, said: “I’m very excited to welcome Co.Bo.T to the BRUSH family. Their impressive skills and expertise will not only help boost our supply chain, but in joining the Group they will further enhance our comprehensive solutions offering, ensuring we can support our customers every step of the way. Our strategic partnership with Co.Bo.T, combined with our investment into state-of-the-art testing facilities at our Loughborough facility, significantly increases our production capability while maintaining our renowned transformer quality.” 

Davide Cornale, Managing Director of Co.Bo.T, said: “Having worked as a key supplier to BRUSH for many years, we are delighted to have the opportunity to become part of the Group. I am proud of what we have achieved over the past 30 years and the deal with BRUSH is a testament to the team’s expertise, the quality of our work and the high level of service we offer – that will continue in the future.”

As part of BRUSH Group, Co.Bo.T will remain a standalone business, continuing ‘business as usual’ and offering its transformer winding and assembly services to the whole industry, with all contracts with existing customers honoured under the new ownership.

The acquisition of Co.Bo.T is the latest in a series of complementary deals made by BRUSH Group which reinforce our position as a leading provider of energy management solutions.

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Exciting new acquisition: BRUSH speeds ahead with further growth

The BRUSH Group is excited and delighted to announce the acquisition of electrical infrastructure specialists, Poise Group. It’s a move that further accelerates the growth of BRUSH and will enable Poise’s unique design skills in EV charging and traction to perfectly complement the outstanding delivery capabilities that BRUSH is renowned for.

Nicolas Pitrat, BRUSH Group CEO, explained the importance of the acquisition:

“The lower-cost, zero-carbon electrification of our infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges our industry faces. It requires new, agile and adaptive engineering solutions, and the acquisition of Poise Group adds specialist engineering expertise to BRUSH, enabling us to support the transitioning of the electrical infrastructure in the UK.”

The partnership also gives BRUSH a huge opportunity to access new markets, add expertise in different areas such as civil engineering, and offer turnkey EV solutions to customers at just the right time.

Poise’s Joint MDs, Prem Hari and Rajiv Agrawal were equally positive about the benefits the acquisition will bring, saying:

“We are delighted to add our railway electrification and engineering expertise to The BRUSH Group. Together, we’ll be better positioned to address the challenges our electrical infrastructure faces by providing engineering solutions for complex decarbonisation projects, including the EV charging and traction segments.”

The transaction was completed on the 17 May 2023 with business continuing as usual for all BRUSH and Poise employees, customers and suppliers.

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leadership change


Eugene Conroy, co-founder of Eta Projects, which was acquired by BRUSH Group in 2022, has announced his retirement.

As Managing Director, Eugene has played a key role in the impressive growth and success of the business and will stay with the company until August. Between now and then, he will be working closely with new Eta Projects MD Jeremy Watson (who is currently Power Infrastructure Director), to ensure a smooth transition.

Commenting on the news, Nicolas Pitrat, BRUSH Group CEO said: “I want to thank Eugene for all he’s done for Eta, including to help facilitate the business joining BRUSH Group. I look forward to continuing to work alongside him until August. I know that Jeremy has exciting plans for the business and is aligning his future vision with that of BRUSH Group. There is certainly plenty for everyone at ETA and BRUSH to look forward to.”

Of his successor, Eugene Conroy said: “Jeremy is one hundred percent the right person to take Eta Projects forward, and I know the business will be in the safest possible hands going into what promises to be a very exciting future.”

Jeremy has already started work, setting out his vision for the future success, growth and profitability of Eta Projects, as well as providing more value to all our customers. “I’m honoured to accept the baton from Eugene,” he says.  “Eugene has created a highly respected consultancy practice and I’m excited to lead the business into the future. I want to maintain the ethos, integrity and reputation that Eta Projects is known for, as well as broaden the scope of the work we do for the NHS while looking to grow our client base in new areas such as banking, data centres and with the MOD. “

Everyone at BRUSH wishes Eugene a happy retirement when he leaves in August, and we all look forward to working with Jeremy to help him realise his exciting vision for the business.

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A new CEO for the BRUSH Group

A new year and with it, a new chapter for BRUSH Group.

It’s with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of our CEO Chris Abbott. Chris has been instrumental in guiding BRUSH through some of the biggest changes and challenges in the Group’s history.

Of his time at BRUSH, Chris says: “It’s been a privilege and pleasure to have been part of the BRUSH story. I’m very proud of what we’ve all achieved and built together, sometimes against very strong headwinds. I know that I leave the business stronger and in good hands, ready to face the future.”

Chris will be leaving his role this month but will continue to contribute to our future plans by becoming Chairman of the BRUSH Board, working closely with our parent company, OEP.

Our new CEO, Nicolas Pitrat, will be moving up from his current role as BRUSH Group Finance Director. Nicolas will ensure BRUSH stays focused on delivering uncompromising quality with every project, as we continue to develop innovative, integrated and sustainable engineered solutions that harness and safeguard the flow of electrical energy across the UK.

Of his appointment, Nicolas says: “I’m excited and honoured to be taking up the mantle from Chris. BRUSH has a great future ahead, with the people here to help us succeed. I’m looking forward to working with clients, colleagues and suppliers to help ensure we continue to deliver the innovations that will enhance our electrical energy management products and solutions.”

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BRUSH Power Networks announces acquisition of KUS Power Engineering

BRUSH Power Networks is delighted to announce that it has acquired KUS Power Engineering, a business that provides design, build and resource solutions for substations. The move represents another significant step in Power Networks’ journey to providing evermore agile and adaptive engineering solutions that will future-proof the electricity network and enable a lower-cost zero-carbon future.

BRUSH sees KUS’s people and expertise as key in supporting our vision of establishing the business as a leading OEM-agnostic engineering house. The acquisition will give BRUSH access to growing regional market segments, such as data centres and renewables, especially in and around the M4 corridor and within Scotland.

Following the completion of the deal, Nicolas Pitrat, CFO of BRUSH Group said: “Our growth strategy is based on enhancing our capabilities by strengthening our expertise and adding competencies. The acquisition of KUS follows this strategy and subsequently the BRUSH Group will broaden its segment and customer reach, enhance its engineering expertise and ultimately further grow our business”.

KUS will maintain its independence and autonomy, with BRUSH’s financial backing enabling the business to offer solutions for larger projects and bigger framework agreements than it currently delivers.

Lars Hennecke, Strategic Business Development and Sustainability Director at BRUSH Group, said: “The acquisition of KUS solidifies the BRUSH Power Networks profile.  It will add technical and project management capabilities and capacities, give us access to growing regional markets, and broaden our DNO reach.”

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BRUSH Power Networks Acquires Eta Projects

As we continue to evolve and grow our business, the BRUSH Group is delighted to announce the acquisition of engineering consultancy firm Eta Projects Ltd by our BRUSH Power Networks division.

The acquisition represents an exciting opportunity for both businesses to expand our presence and influence across the electricity and engineering sectors. 

Nicolas Pitrat, BRUSH Group CFO, explained the importance of this acquisition: “Our vision for BRUSH Power Networks is to provide agile and adaptive engineering solutions for electricity networks while enabling a lower-cost zero-carbon future. The acquisition of Eta Projects is a significant milestone on this journey.“

Eta Projects Ltd is a leader in its field and the company’s talented specialists will retain their autonomy and independence while remaining OEM agnostic. Both businesses recognise the exciting opportunities this sale will give us in terms of building our capabilities in areas such as market reach, employee training and development, and customer relationships.

Lars Hennecke, Strategic Business Development and Sustainability Director at BRUSH Power Networks added: “Eta Projects complements BRUSH Power Networks’ capabilities and enables us to establish ourselves as a leading OEM agnostic engineering house, providing consultancy engineering, design engineering, as well as build and project management services.“

And Managing Director of Eta Projects Ltd, Eugene Conroy said: “I am delighted to announce this tremendous opportunity to share our knowledge and experience by becoming part of the BRUSH engineering history. With a shared vision of investment in people, we are opening a new chapter in UK Engineering.”

The transaction was completed on Tuesday 23rd August 2022, with business continuing as normal for all BRUSH Power Networks and Eta Projects employees, clients and suppliers.

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One Equity Partners Agrees Sale of BRUSH Power Generation Division

The management company of BRUSH Group, One Equity Partners (OEP), has announced an agreement to sell BRUSH’s Power Generation division to energy technology, industrial and oilfield services company, Baker Hughes.

The sale represents an exciting opportunity for our Power Generation division to continue its development and growth. Among the many benefits Baker Hughes anticipates gaining from the acquisition include the enhancement of their core turbomachinery portfolio, the expansion of their customer reach, and a provision of a growth platform for its facilities and employees.

Ori Birnboim, a Managing Director at OEP said: “As a current customer of BRUSH’s Power Generation business, Baker Hughes is a natural buyer for the business, as this acquisition will provide Baker Hughes with more security in its supply chain while also diversifying its end market exposure.”

Steve Lunau, another Managing Director at OEP, added: “We are thrilled to help unlock meaningful value creation through the transformational sale of BRUSH’s largest business segment. OEP recognized BRUSH as a leader within the Power Generation equipment and services sector when we acquired the business last year. We look forward to continuing to support and grow BRUSH’s remaining Power Distribution and Networks business alongside our exceptional management team.”

By focusing on our Power Distribution and Networks business, we believe we will be well-positioned to meet the challenges the UK’s Net Zero initiative will pose on electrical distribution networks, and better support a lower-cost zero-carbon future for electrical networks. This new focus will also allow us at BRUSH to accelerate our strategic business development, which is based on environmental sustainability, social responsibility and effective corporate governance.

“We value the partnership with OEP,” said Chris Abbott, CEO of BRUSH Group. “Their experience in supporting and unlocking strategic value in industrial businesses like ours has been, and will continue to be, instrumental as we grow our independent Power Distribution and Networks company.” 

The transaction is due to complete by the end of the year and is subject to closing consideration. Until then, it is business as normal for everyone at BRUSH.

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Fast and Effective Grid Infrastructure Upgrades for Motorway EV Chargers

Local Member of Parliament visits BRUSH Transformers to discuss new EV technologies

Jane Hunt, MP for Loughborough, UK visited BRUSH Transformers manufacturing facility recently to discuss our work for WPD’s Take Charge project and see the transformer component of the solution that is pioneering new technologies to rapidly rollout roadside EV charging infrastructure.

The creation of high-capacity ultra rapid charging infrastructure across the UK’s network is a key enabler for the transition towards all-electric cars.

BRUSH was approached by Western Power Distribution (WPD) to help engineer and design a new substation to enable fast and effective grid infrastructure upgrades. Network Innovation funded and designed to accelerate transport decarbonisation, the scope of the Take Charge project was to specify, design, test and trial an innovative, standardised medium voltage package substation.

Jane Hunt MP (centre) with Paul Jewell from WPD (right) and BRUSH Transformers team

This compact package substation solution will deliver large capacity to motorway services in a more cost and time effective manner and thus provide the new grid infrastructure that enables high capacity rapid car and van EV charging.

The transformer component is designed and manufactured by BRUSH Transformers Loughborough. The first unit will be lifted to site at Exeter Moto at the end of the month.

BRUSH Compact MV Substation Components

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Innovative Vacuum Tap Changer Technology To Future-Proof UK Distribution Networks

The 33kV power transformer is an integral part of the UK’s electrical distribution networks

We are pleased to announce publication of our latest BRUSH Engineered Solutions White Paper on “How tapping into 33kV transformer assets decarbonises UK distribution networks.”

The current backbone of the UK’s electricity transmission and distribution systems was built at a time when generation was dominated by large, centralised structures. Similar to the Victorian railway system not being able to adequately support modern high-speed rail, the growth of renewables and the electrification of transport mean that large parts of existing infrastructure are no longer fit for purpose.

The 33kV power transformer is an integral part of the UK’s electrical distribution networks. With an extended lifespan, it lends itself perfectly to not only demonstrate the challenges of future-proofing networks under the premise of ‘lower cost zero-carbon’, but also showcases how simple infrastructure decisions can help facilitate the transition.

For example, a power transformer in an existing network might no longer meet technical requirements due to capacity constraints or limitations in view of operational flexibility. To address such changes in technical requirements two fundamental, short term strategies are available: (1) asset replacement or (2) asset retrofit.

Where the useful life of existing assets can be extended with modern equipment that can be easily retro-fitted, networks are future proofed whilst minimising costs and lowering the carbon footprint.

The Vacutap® VBO® On Load Tap Changer (OLTC) for 33kV power transformers (VBO) uses vacuum technology with an innovative drive system. Developed by MR in collaboration with BRUSH it is maintenance free for up to 300,000 operations, and allows 100% reverse power flow.

Chris Abbot, BRUSH Group CEO comments: “We are proud to have been instrumental in bringing this new technology to the UK market. With easy bolt-on installation of the VBO to existing 33kV power transformers, required capital investment is reduced when compared to asset replacement, in particular when taking the significant tap changer maintenance savings of up to £250,000 per unit into account. What’s more the remaining lifespan of the transformer will be utilised, if not extended, and associated carbon footprints reduced accordingly.”

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BRUSH Group Committing To Net Zero By 2050

Committed to support industrial decarbonisation and sustainable development, we have pledged to increase the focus on the impact our activities have upon the environment by setting ambitious objectives to achieve our target of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We are backing the industry climate commitment to NetZero by 2050 and are signatories of BEAMA’s NetZerobyDesign.

On signing this historic pledge BRUSH CEO Chris Abbot comments: “As BRUSH commences its journey under the new ownership of One Equity Partnership (OEP), this provides a great opportunity for BRUSH to enhance our focus on the impact our activities have upon the environment by setting ambitious objectives to achieve our target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

As part of our journey, we will implement a Sustainability Policy in 2021 and implement a supporting strategy in 2022 which will be applicable to all BRUSH businesses.  As part of the evolving BRUSH sustainability strategy, we will continue to identify and adapt relevant group business level targets to ensure we meet this ambitious goal.  “

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