Intern – Oliver

“I wanted to feel the heat of working in a realenvironment. I wanted to feel the pressure of deadlines. I got both on my BRUSH internship.”

Oliver would 100% recommend that other undergraduates seriously consider a
placement at BRUSH. He spent his year helping build a system to monitor
generators the size of buildings on a project that enabled him to develop his
software and cloud skills as well as his knowledge of engineering.

“I went to lots of meetings and met loads of different engineers during my placement,’ Oliver says. ‘It showed me that everyone’s really friendly at BRUSH and they want to help you learn.”

Oliver took the placement because he wanted to experience what working life was really like so he’d be ready for it when he finished his studies.

“I wanted to feel the heat and the pressure of deadlines,’ he says. ‘And thanks to my time at BRUSH, now I know what to expect.”

Among the many areas in which he feels he’s developed, it’s his presentation skills that have come on the most.

“I used to be scared of presenting,’ he admits. ‘But now it feels more like just a conversation standing up!”