The Horizon fills the market need for outdoor, ground-mounted circuit breakers and features the award winning magnetic actuator.

Designed for a 38kV application, the Horizon can be used with other products from BRUSH Switchgear to provide cost-effective and compact substations or breathe new life into existing substations by replacing old and obsolete equipment.


Horizon datasheet

2 Pole datasheet

Superior, proven technology with minimal maintenance

Vacuum interruption in an SF6 filled, controlled environment (0.5 bar gauge)

Dead tank construction suitable for live or dead tank applications

Internal arc containment

Generous accommodation for current transformers

The lightweight aluminium tank makes the Horizon easier to transport and install

The silicone rubber bushings are resistant to damage from vandalism or mishandling and have an extended creepage of 1550mm

Cubicle with space for ancillary equipment and option for integrated control and protection relay

Optional Adjustable Legs version

Maximum System Voltage kV 38
Continuous Current A 1250/2000
Interrupting Current kA 25/31.5
Rated Operating Sequence   O - 0.3sec - CO - 15sec - CO
Impulse Voltage Withstand kV 170/200
Power Frequency Withstand Dry kV 1min 80
Power Frequency Withstand Wet kV 10secs 80
Rated Gas Pressure   for above Atmospheric
Control Voltage V dc 110/125 (48 & 220 Optional)
Rated Frequency Hz 50/60
Rated 3 sec Short-Time Current kA 25/31.5
Rated Peak Making Current kA 65/82
Ambient Air Temperature ˚C -50 - +50
Degree of Protection   IP45
Weight kg 800


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