AE Tapchangers


The AE series on-load tapchangers are built on the successful results of the design of the AT range. The AE uses many common parts from the AT including the complete drive mechanism.

This range has a maximum of 17 tapping positions (16 steps) and is possible for linear regulation and 33 tapping positions (32 steps) for reverse or course/fine regulation. The equipment may be used to regulate three-phase transformers designed for system voltages of 33kV and 66kV at any position in the winding. The AE may also operate on transformers designed for 132kV earthed neutral three-phase systems regulating at the neutral end of the winding. The maximum current rating is 500A, with overload capability in accordance with IEC 60354 and IEC 60076-7.

  • 500A current rating
  • Suitable for 33kV or 66kV systems, line or neutral end
  • Suitable for 132kV systems (neutral end only)
  • Maximum 650kVA breaking capacity
  • Lower overall maintenance times and costs to the end user
  • Separate tapchanger oil ensures 100% accurate D.G.A of transformers
  • Can easily be housed in noise enclosures
  • Retrofit tapchangers more easily accommodated
  • Better for anti-tracking surfaces

Designed in accordance with IEC 60214 and also complies with many other national and international standards

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